Renter’s Guide, Part 3: the Neighborhood- Queens/Jersey

**both JFK and LaGuardia airports are in Queens

Long Island City– A former industrial neighborhood with plenty of modern high-rises with full amenities. Quick access to Manhattan, although the 7 train gets temperamental at times. Home to the PS1 branch of the MOMA museum.

Astoria­­– A vibrant neighborhood with strong Greek and Eastern European influences. Great food and entertainment options, such as beer gardens; some museums and galleries. Strong value for money apartments and decent transportation options.

Forest Hills­­– A green neighborhood right by Corona Park. Plenty of food and shopping options, including shopping malls. Deeply rooted in sports: the Mets ball park and the US Open tennis tournament take place near here. Apartments are affordable. Express and other train options (E, F, M, R trains) to Manhattan during the workweek.

Jackson Heights– A relaxed neighborhood featuring a mix of cultures: Indian and Latin American. Affordable and clean. Excellent dining options; people often come from Manhattan just to eat here. Express train options (7 train) to Manhattan during the workweek.

 Queens neighborhood map:

Queens subway map:|


Hoboken/Jersey City– A blend of historical houses with a great neighborhood feel and new high-rises featuring breathtaking Manhattan views. Many post-college graduates live in Hoboken. Strong ethnic influences in Jersey City. Reasonable prices with adequate space. Easy commute to Manhattan via Path trains by day, but gets more difficult by night.

Want to explore your potential neighborhood more?

– We recommend searching like so ( to get to know the unique places that make up a hood.

– Also, if you’re more interested in history and landmarks, check out,

– For more skinny on what trains rock and what trains do not go to

■       Why do people rave about lower Manhattan/Brooklyn north of the Financial District?

Personal preference, really. There happens to be a high concentration of night life activity in these areas as of late. East Village, Lower East side, Noho, Nolita, Williamsburg, etc.

■       Where do you live, BluClovers?

All over. But as of late, in the East Village. By the way, most neighborhoods, have great, comprehensive Wikipedia sites.,_Manhattan


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